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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  January 5, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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you next fox news sunday. ooooooo this is the fox report. tonight al qaeda son the run or on the rise? terrorists have taken over key cities in iraq. and some big names in entertainment turning into reports on this sunday as tragedy hits at one of america's top tourist destinations. >> eyewitnesses to tragedy. an airport shutdown. hollywood celebrities hit social media mr. begin -- before begin could make it to the scene. tonight, what fox news is being told. not only is obamacare hurting families one by one with
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regard to the coverage, it is continuing to delay the recovery of the economy. >> deep concerns about america. former republican presidential nominee mitt romney talks in detail about president obama's health care overhaul. what he said is obamacare's biggest problem. and a training exercise suddenly turned very real. a medical student looking at a patient with fake symptoms discovered something potentially deadly. i'm harris faulkner. growing concern here at home as the dramatic spike in the violence in iraq continues. the iraqi government is trying to control al qaeda which looks to be stronger than ever there. possibly at stake, years of gains that came at the cost of american lives during the iraq war. the situation seemingly getting worse by the day. a wave of bombings in the capital city of bagdad has killed 20 people and wounded scores more in just a day.
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and in fallujah government troops continuing to find sand fight entrenched militants. one official is saying 22 soldiers and 12 civilians died there in that city today. fallujah is where the insurgency against american forces began in 2004. more than 70 troops died in a fight to capture that town. secretary of state john kerry said the u.s. stands with iraq and we will support them in stamping out a common enemy. but he promised no u.s. combat troops will be put in harm's way to do it. >> this is a fight that belongs to the iraqis. that is exactly what the president and the world decided, it was sometime ago, when we left iraq. so we are not contemplating returns or putting boots on the ground. >> but some observers see what is happening in iraq as a decline in american influence in the total middle east. john bolton blames the bush and
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obama administration for drawing down our presence in iraq too soon. >> there has been an unwillingness to face the harsh reality that the war on terror that we saw really begin most visibly for americans on september 11th, 2001 isn't a war we can turn off at our pleasure. i think we made a huge mistake in withdrawing from iraq, i think we're about to make another huge mistake in withdrawing from afghanistan. >> this is a story that has been unfolding all weekend long. peter doocy is live in washington with the news. peter, what is the white house promising to do about this? >> reporter: harris, we know today the deputy national security adviser got the iraq national security adviser on the phone to isolate isil which has wrestled control of two major cities, fallujah and ram addy away from government officials.
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the white house said this hinges on cooperation from local and tribal leaders and they would like to get neighboring countries involved in the effort. while while john kerry said he is keeping a close eye on things in the anbar province. >> we'll do everything that is possible to help them and i will not go into the details except to say that we're in contact with tribal leaders from anbar province and we know they are showing great courage in standing up against this as they reject terrorist groups. >> reporter: and the anbar province in iraq where the security situation has really disintegrated in the last few days is where about 30% of the americans who lost their lives in the iraq war were killed. >> blood and treasure spent in that country. peter, how are lawmakers in general on the hill responding to how the white house is handling this? because the president is on
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vacation, they are all getting ready to come back? >> reporter: harris, republicans believe this shows a failed foreign policy by the obama white house with senators graham and mccain saying when president obama withdrew all forces from iraq in 2011 over the objections of our military leaders on the ground, many of us predicted the vacuum would be filled by enemies and emerge as a threat to u.s. national security and that reality is now clearer than ever. and the last convey of american troops left iraq two years and 18 days ago. >> peter doocy, thank you very much. this is sure to be an agenda item for the president and congress when the new year business begins this week. fox news political insiders will join me in the fox report to talk more about it. and we want to include your comments on this. tweet us at harris faulkner at fn insiders. it is time for americans to get out. a warning tonight as the violence from syria civil war is
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now spilling over into neighboring lebanon. they are urging americans to avoid going to hotels, shopping malls, social events where you would expect to see americans. the warning comes amid a growing wave of bombings linked to sectarian violence to the war in syria. at least a dozen people have died in a pair of deadly bombing in the last two weeks. fox weather alert now on the dangerous cold gripping a large swath of the nation. records could be broken in the coming days across the midwest, north east and even parts of the south. windchill warnings from minnesota and stretching, let's go meteorologist kate rin roth of wtxf in philadelphia. it is not as bad in some areas as we thought but it is still record-breaking. >> it is. and that is why it is being
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called a historic outbreak because it is literally over half of the country and extending into the southeast. and even if you don't break a low record temperature, the wind values are so extreme and some of us tomorrow morning will be digging out of several inches of snow. snow across the upper midwest from detroit down through chicago and indiana, detroit could pick up over a foot of snow by tomorrow morning and cause tons of travel delays there. we've had travel delays ourself in the northeast, thanks to freezing rain and ice across pennsylvania and down through washington and baltimore. the northeast will warm up before they feel the cold outbreak on tuesday morning. but here are the windchill warnings that you mentioned, harris. they stretch from the dakotas through the ohio valley and to alabama and georgia, wind advisers and a windchill watch for northern florida. extremely rare. and here is the core of cold air. you can see it digging through the nation's mid section.
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air temperatures already ten below the rapid city and the wind cities but the windchill values are lower. and this is why it is life-threatening. 18 below in omaha right no. future temperatures tomorrow morning, the air temperatures are 13 below in green bay. 11 below in chicago. this is tomorrow morning. and then by tuesday morning, the worst has shifted into the ohio valley, the east coast and even atlanta starting off at 6, 3 in nashville and the windchills will be significantly lower. tomorrow morning, that is why the minnesota public schools are closed. 48 below and some spots could feel like 50 or 60 below tomorrow morning. >> while you were giving your report, we've learned this in, in chicago they are going to close classes and schools preemptively as well ahead of the system moving in this evening and for tomorrow. no they are joining minnesota in doing that. the city of chicago is doing
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that. caitlin, thank up very much and we'll keep everybody posted on this. as you see, that reaches down to some far places south. a deadly plane crash in aspen, colorado. smoke coming from what was left of the challenger 600 corporate jet. other images showing it ended up np upside down and burst in flames it. went down while landing after making a couple of attempts. and in a two hour flight from tucson, arizona is where it was coming from. three people were on board, one of them died, the others hurt pretty severely. we're told one of them. some celebrities witnessed this accident before even the first responders could get there. and as the plane was making the second attempt to land in the windy conditions, they were snapping shots. and then of course you see this picture taken by actor and comedian kevin neil and who treated horrible plane crash here at the aspen airport,
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exploded into flames, i think it was a jet. leann rimes. so sad, horrible plane crash at the aspen airport. joining me now by phone is jay sills who lives in aspen and was driving nearby when he saw the smoke. jay, you are with us. >> yes, ma'am. >> and weather is a huge story across the country and i know you are in snow country but things were particularly bad. what were the conditions when this happened? >> it was windy today. it is pretty gusty. >> and i know that this plane made more than one pass. is this a difficult airport to land at? have you heard that living there? >> well i've heard that. yeah, i assume -- i've third base they've had crashed here before. >> what are people saying there locally tonight, because i understand the airport is still closed? >> yeah, we were trying to take some people to the airport and they were on a plane and we had to come pick them up and take them back to their house. they won't make it out tonight. >> have you heard anything else
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about the people hurt in this? >> no, i haven't. >> and tell me about this area, if you would. i see mountains at least on one side. is that a pretty well-traveled airport, is that the only one in the area? >> yeah, it is the only airport here. and it is a very busy time at this airport. >> i know from the celebrities snapping pictures, everybody had a different vantage point. where were you watching from? >> i was driving on the road adjacent to the airport on the back side and i just saw the smoke and then i came around the corner and the plane was flipped over. and i just took a few pictures and i just was hoping everybody was okay and said a prayer and kept on going to work. >> said a prayer. was this something you thought people would walk away from from your vantage? >> it looked like the plane was -- it was black, but it was -- the cabin and everything
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was in tact. >> all right. jay sills said a prayer for those people inside, it sounded like they needed your prays because one of them didn't make it. we appreciate you telling us what you saw. >> yes, ma'am. thank you. right now, we're getting word of an american airlines flight forced to make an emergency landing in kansas city due to a possible bomb threat on board. the flight was from san francisco to new york's jfk airport was diverted after a suspicious device was found inside of a bathroom. all 227 passengers we are told have been repoved, include -- removed, including the crew and the police are searching that plane to make sure no real threat is on board. we'll keep you posted this hour and bring you new developments on this. a couple of stories in aviation this hour. former republican presidential nominee govern mitt romney with a jab at his former foe president obama. why he said the president's signature law, obamacare, is
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hurting america. and the scene of a deadly three-alarm fire and people scrambling from as high up as 40 floors to get out. >> the smoke was so thick and that -- you could hardly breathe or see. so it was just really hard to try to vacate. of the dusty bat at 06 35th street the old dining table at 25th and hoffman. ...and the little room above the strip mall f roble avenue. ♪ this magic momt it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those o believed they had the power to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world'great stories. that began much the same w ours did. in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪
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president obama is back in washington, d.c. after two weeks off with the family vacationing in hawaii. but what the president is returning to, may look like what he left behind in 2013, including lingering trouble with obamacare, dwindling poll numbers for his approval rating, as his administration will try to push congress on immigration reform and looming flight over unemployment benefits. james rosen with more on this. james? >> harris, good evening. president obama returned to the nation's capital with less
4:17 pm
political capital than he had a year ago. the gallup poll find out went in ten americans approve of his job and that is down from the start of his second term. to regain the ground, the president plans to pursue a populous tone and agenda in this cycle, including a push this week for extension of unemployment benefits. >> just a few days saver christmas, more than 1 million lost a lifeline, that helps folks meet ends meet while te look for a -- while they look for a job. >> gallup said the poor ratings were not due to the economy, but to the fallout due to the spying scandal and the rocky rollout of obamacare. the man who president obama defeated to win assailed the incumbent for dishonesty on the quote of obamacare. >> you will have people finding
4:18 pm
their premiums going through the roof and the -- they -- the doctor they had they can't keep, the policies they were promised they could have they aren't able to keep and the american people will be upset. >> reporter: the democrat controlled senate is planned to hold a meeting to extend public employment service. harris. >> thank you. mitt romney spoke on fox news sunday calling the signature law bad for the economy. >> not only is the obamacare hurting families one by one with regard to coverage, it is continuing to delay the recovery of the economy. the big story of 2013, a very distressing year, is that americans continue not to find the full-time jobs they need. and that is something which the president has to recognize as the first priority of his administration. >> govern romney spoke out on a wide range of issues, including
4:19 pm
the upcoming olympic, saying he is confident russia can keep athletes and visitors safe despite the recent terror attacks. and romney ran the 2002 winter olympics in salt lake city. it was just an act, but a plan who was playing the role of a patient for a medical student who he was practicing, is now thanking that future doctor for saving his life. and terrifying moments after a fire broke out on the 20th floor of a high-rise apartment building. >> i was just thinking, i have to get out or else i'll die. i just kept on running for my life. [ doctor ] and in a inical trial versus litor,
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if you can't afford your medication, it took a lot of juggling to keep it all together.k. for some low-income families, having broadband internet is a faraway dream. so we created internet essentials, america's largest low-cost internet adoption program. having the internet at home means she has to go no further than the kitchen table to do her homework. now, more than one million americans have been connected at home. it makes it so much better to do homework, when you're at home. welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. a fire on the 20th floor of a new york high-rise, a cell phone video showing flames and
4:23 pm
black smoke pouring out of that building on the west side of manhatten. and we're told two people were critically injured and taken to area hospitals. one of them later died. people who live add bove the fire line, which again was on the 20th floor, escaped by the stairwell, coming from the 40th floor -- >> the smoke was so thick, dense, and that you could hardly breathe or see so it was just really flight to try and vacate. so it was scary. we have our two children but we stayed together and went to the stairwell and we got down as fast as we could. >> i was just thinking i have to get out or else i'll die. i just kept on running for my life or else i would have died there. >> no word on what started this, but that smoke apparently was spending from the 20th, all the way to the rooftop. you heard that little boy had to get out. a fox news weather alert
4:24 pm
now. cold gripping the country, causing potentially life-threatening conditions. warning of windchills around 60 degrees below zero for montana and iowa and could go lowner minnesota we're told. and when it is this bitter, experts warn it could take just minutes for your skin to react to this and for frost bite to set in. doctor marc siegel from the fox news medical team is in with more on the health risks. >> people with circulation problems or those in the cold too long are at particular risk for frost bite and hypothermia. hypothermia occurs when over all body temperature drops below 95 degrees and can cause confusion and even heart failure. frost bite is the freezing of the skin, the area just below it. it could cause permanent damage and lead to amputation. it affects fingers, toes, noses, cheeks and chins where the skin freezes as the body tried to
4:25 pm
preserve blood flow to the brain. here are the first signs of frost bite. red, itchy skin which can turn peal and rubbery after several minutes. you may also start experiencing a tingling sensation and a growing numbness. here are the treatments. rapid warming with blankets, warm but not hot water and antibiotics if the air is becoming infected. in severe cases drugs help prevent amputation, do not walk on or massage frost-bitten feet or do not use a heating pad. if you are going to be in the cold, stay warm and covered, do not drink alcohol and check with your -- if you develop a patch of red, numb skin. harris. >> doctor, thank you. a medical student is being called a real life saver after diagnosing a problems with a -- patient. the man was acting, role playing as part of a exercise.
4:26 pm
now they are thanking the doctor in training who found a dangerous condition the man thought he was pretending to have. because he is a volunteer for a university of virginia medical student program by having actors pretend they have certain symptoms. the med student discovered his patient was in need of care. >> i go in and the story all seems like it would be an aneurysm and i go and do the exam and i find what seems to be an abdominal aneurysm. >> he thought it was a singer in there to test him but it wasn't. and i had no symptoms. >> it would have been a diff wasn't for ryan and the program. >> it is kind of hard to fake an aneurysm. very blessed that doctor found. >> that and he is a doctor in my book. we are told the student officially is now interviewing for residency programs and warranted to -- wants to become a radiation oncologist. a california family is
4:27 pm
fighting for their daughter's life and they found a long-term care facility to take her in. they've been down this road before. the battle is not over yet. the latest on the race to transfer the girl before a court order takes her off of life support. and increasing violence in iraq is sparking a new round of criticism of the president's foreign policy. some analysts say it is time for the u.s. to return to its leadership role in the middle east? how? our political insiders will weigh in next. you're givi away pie? would you like apple or cherry? cherry. oil...or cream? definitely cream. [ male announcer ] never made wi hydrogenated oil. oh, yeah. [ male announcer ] always made with real cream. the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy.
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just in, new pictures coming into the fox news room showing the deadly plane crash in aspen, colorado. and look at this. this was not a small private plane, this was a larger-type jet. and we now know the person killed in the accident along with the pilot was the co-pilot. another person on board was severely injured and a third person had minor injuries. and now i'm told -- no, i want to correct that. the person killed was the co-pilot, the pilot has survived. seif early injured is what we are being told for the pilot. in any regard, tragedy witnessed by people inside of the aspen airport. they were on social media the moment this happened, even before first responders could reach this icy -- icy tarmac. look at that.
4:32 pm
the airport is closed at this hour. we'll continue to follow the developing story and bring you updates when we can. and i want to clarify, the person who perished was the co-pilot and two others on board injured, one critically. we'll update you when we can. and president obama going back to washington after two weeks in vacation on hawaii and expected to try to make some ground in his second term. but the middle east is commanding the world's attention. a resurgent al qaeda now on the offensive in iraq and you can't miss it, you can't turn away. it is happening. they've killed 34 soldiers and cillans today alone -- civilians today alone in fallujah. people are looking at president obama for a foreign policy of retreat which they say has left iraq's fledgling government vulnerable. the fox insiders join us. john le bootay, dog shown,
4:33 pm
formand bill clonton insider. we're having technical issues with the satellite shot but we'll bring him in as we can. this is a city we spent american lives and treasures securing. >> it is symbolic and critically important because it is the clearest sign yet that our democratic experiment that we worked so hard for and we gave so many lives to is falling apart in iraq as the sunni-shiite fighting continues. and harris, the sad thing is it is being replicated throughout the middle east. there isn't an american presence. >> john kerry came out today and said we are going to respond to this but you won't see u.s. combat troops in harm's way. what does that mean? >> that is from the guy that voted for the war before he voted against the war --
4:34 pm
>> i didn't know you would vote twice? >> you can. and like obama, they are on every side of everything in the middle east and the number one reason the middle east is in the flux that it is in is the united states is no longer seen as a stable something, where we stand by somebody. now if you stand by the egyptian military, the israeli government, the saudi royal family and if you stay with them, now you have somewhere to build from. instead, we sold out every one of them. the only thing this president believes in, president obama, is himself. he doesn't believe in any other governments or leaders and he's betrayed all of them and that is now coming home to roost. >> doug, how problematic commitly is this for president obama with critics saying it is his foreign policy that got us to this point. >> i think it is. while the american people don't want foreign entanglements, they don't want impotence either.
4:35 pm
when you look at turkey which we had not mentioned, or syria and lebanon, we look weak everywhere and what john is suggesting is absolutely the case. >> with the president now through john kerry, the secretary of state making a statement today, does that means it comes on to his scope as a priority. >> the thing with kerry and obama together is they have an agenda for the second term which is make as many deals as they can have. they want accomplishments, things to talk about other than obamacare, successes they think. and they think any deal is a success. but the syrian arms deal, not working out. the iranian arms deal, not working out. the afghan withdraw agreement, not working out. >> you know, it is interesting, republicans had to drag around the albatross of the iraq war for years and when it was over we were told we had victory there, right? does this mean this current president has lost the war that
4:36 pm
we formerly won? >> it is losing the war and the gop political battle and russia through vladimir putin and the chinese are ascended, the russians have succeeded in taking ukraine. there is conflict between japan and china over islands in the pacific. the asian allies we have are all nervous. the real question, harris, is where is the united states? >> can we pop up that map real quickly of iraq because i want to show everybody this. ramadi could be the next to fall. it is see the same kind of al qaeda build-up and brett hume said therlyer. >> the american people would not be happy with a continued american presence in iraq. american people are never happy with foreign interventions. it is the job of a president as leader to bring people along about such things. we have stationed troops in places all over the world for
4:37 pm
decades and the net effect in most cases is they've helped to keep the peace. it is a role from which this president has shrunk. >> john, why didn't we people more people there and you are saying maybe to that? >> they couldn't reach an agreement on how many troops would stay and what their role would be and it is not the same as leaving troops in south korea or germany after those wars. this is not the same. this is leaving american soldiers on muslim tear tor dwri with a -- territory with a government that doesn't want to be seen as a puppet of the united states: and afghanistan too. so it is a different world. and let's face it. there is no thirst in america to stay in these places. people want to get out. brooem said he would get out -- obama said he would get out. bush entered an agreement to get out before obama got in there. the country have had enough of iraq. it is terrible to see. >> bolton was saying that both administrations have dealt with
4:38 pm
a way that got us to this point to some degree now this president has to make the decisions to go forward. >> he does. the problem, harris, is we have no strategy. there is no american view of the world to combat our enemies and those like putin who seek to dominate through coercive means. >> and doug, no fear of the united states. >> there is no fear of the united states. they don't think obama will do anything. >> where red lines get crossed and there is no consequences. >> this is not a president that has talked much about his foreign policy in his two terms. >> why would he. >> and the one time was the red line with syria and he backed away with that. and now iran and developing centrifuges because they found some fine print they can work with. but republicans want to come with a back-up plan for the sanctions. >> and democrats too want a back-up plan. that agreement has yet to be implemented. maybe this month will be implemented.
4:39 pm
and until it is implemented, it is not so they can do anything they want. ultimately, let's say january 15th they put that thing in. we have six months to make a lasting -- >> but john there are real problems with it. two hard-liners have gone on the committee and with the senate considering amendments and sanctions, it is not clear whether there will be implementation. iran is another example where our policy is being faced. >> let's check in how americans view this president. every sunday we do this at 1:00 p.m. eastern and we check the gallup poll and the president is sitting firmly at 53% disapproval. that is a huge negative. how does the president change this in the new year, real quick? >> it is tough. he will need to get something done on the debt ceiling, he will need to get immigration done, he's going to need to get something done that involves bipartisanship, bottom line, i
4:40 pm
don't think it will happen and i don't think he is going to be increase from the very low 40% level. >> i would add one other thing, doug. if the third quarter economic numbers, which were startlingly good, if they were to repeat themselves all throughout 2014, where there was over 4% growth, that should generate job growth and that will help him. >> but we're getting good news and his numbers are still close to record levels, john. >> when we come back, should nsa leeker edward snowden be granted clemency. i tweeted this out and you retreated me. fiery words from peter king on that very subject. he is lashing out at a fellow republican, kentucky senator rand paul who suggests leniency for edward snowden. here is a bit for each of them. >> i don't think we cannily apply the law. clapper did break the law and there is a prison sentence for that and so is there edward
4:41 pm
snowden. i don't think edward snowden deserves the death penalty. >> rand paul doesn't know what he is talking about and spreading fear among the american people and comparing general croppets to snowden. to me he's either totally unamerican or part of the crowd that left us in the 1960s. >> they don't mince their words. our political insiders are coming back. tell us what you think at harris faulkner #fn insiders. ion core™, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box.
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he's clearly spilling secrets and in one country that we are barely civil with and somerd snowden is endangering american lives. but he has filled us in on how
4:45 pm
pourous our liberties are when it comes to privacy in this nation. so do you offer him a deal to come back home? john and dog and joining us by satellite, we've missed you, pat cad el, former pollster and fox news contributor. we've gotten our technical difficulties worked out. i want to get your view on edward snowden. i don't know if you saw before the commercial break, a lot of fiery words being bantied about. what is the right thing to do here? >> i think that this is kind of minor play. it depends on whether you are one of the listeners or being listened to is how people attitudes on snowden are. one of the things that it cost president obama, a lot of support among young people has been the entire nsa scandal and what has been revealed. and what happens to snowden is almost irrelevant to the fact that it plays into what i keep finding is a major fear in this country is the government has become the enemy of the people
4:46 pm
and therefore not to be trusted. and this is -- this has lent itself to that. and all of the attacks in washington, the truth of the matter is the american people have not been dealt with on the up and up and even the president's commission has said there needs to be reform. we all want to be safe, but none of us like to have big brother in our lives. >> doug? >> i must tell you, to me, snowden is a criminal. he betrayed his country, he betrayed his oath. but pat is right to say, this points out how the citizenry is basically being taken advantage of by our government being intruded upon and the image of us being weak overseas but intruding -- overreaching at home is a difficult pill for me to swallow. >> you know what is interesting, pat, that you said, is that an issue like this could color a group of people and their vision for this president, a group so important to getting him elected, young people. >> absolutely.
4:47 pm
and between obamacare but particularly it started with the nsa. a major constituency for the president, a group of supporting democrats has been shaken. now the republicans haven't been able to figure out where they stand. they are divided between the rand pauls and the peter kings. the real question is, if you want -- it is about big government. it is about the fear that they are reading and taking in everything and the problem is at a time when the american people don't trust washington and the way the government works, it is only exacerbating it and it has really affected young people greatly. >> you know what is interesting. this has gotten some response because i asked people to tweet us. john henline said, harris, it seems like the only people mad at snowden are the ones that got caught lying to the american people. that issue of trust is so huge, john. >> it is huge. and the fight we saw between senator paul and congressman king, and congressman king is
4:48 pm
thinking of running for the republican nomination for the president, he is from the establishment of the gop and rand paul from the libertarian and that is emblematic of what is going on over snowden inside of the conservative movement. half of the conservatives think he is a whistleblower and the other half think he is a criminal. >> and i've heard this before, this wasn't be a campaign issue that people run on or don't run on. but when you talk about demographics and trying to get people to goo your way -- to go your way, if this gets people to open their eyes, do republicans have an opportunity now? >> they do have an opportunity. the real question is how do you tie in the concern that pat spoke of, about edward snowden with young people, to the larger sense of weakness around the world to craft a positive view of the u.s. role and what the appropriate security state should be. the republicans haven't done it,
4:49 pm
the democrats certainly not. it is a big void, harris. 80% of the american people are basically saying -- >> i want to pop up one more thing. can we put up the congressional approval rating, the most recent one up on the screen. january, went down in november and came back up just a little bit. but the disapproval is higher at 79%. pat, i know you are looking at what americans want in terms of a new messenger, a new messenger. who is the new messenger? >> i don't know who the new messenger is. what we are seeing is -- i've never seen anything like this. the void in american politics, we might as well have alternate universes. the establishment in washington and what the political class and the media -- the mainstream media class think of what is important and works, this fight with democrats and republicans, liberals, conservatives, it is not what the american people want, they see, and this is a
4:50 pm
huge opportunity, they see a government that is corrupt, not for them, that rigs the system and most of us they see us not getting solutions, particularly on the economy where they think it is a two-track economy and the crony capitalism dominates. the alternate universe is a vast -- three quarters of the american people or more, looking for not just one person, but for an alternative politics and a potential movement exists unlike anything i've seen, and the question is whether the system can suppress all of this and i'm not sure it can. >> wow. i tell you, i want to continue the conservation with the political insiders and i bet you do too. here is your opportunity. on twitter at fn insiders or on our website, every monday at 10:30 a.m. eastern and their little fingers are tweeting away. when you get back to the green room, you'll have a lot to talk about. happy new year.
4:51 pm
>> happy new year everyone. happy new year, harris. new information on a family's fight to keep their 13-year-old young one alive. the latest in the jahi mcmath saga. there's a new form of innovation taking shape.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
at a company that's bringing media and technology together. next is every second of nbcuniversal's coverage
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0f the 2014 olympic winter games. it's connecting over one million low-income americans to broadband internet at home. it's a place named one america's most veteran friendly employers. next is information and entertainment in ways you never thought possible. welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. new developments in a california family's battle to keep their child alive. fox news is confirming a facility in new york has agreed to accept jahi mcmath, as the coroner has issued a death certificate for her. she is 13 years old and declared brain dead after complications following a tonsillectomy. >> the new beginnings community center is on medford, long island and allison sherry has been waiting for details about when and how the girl will be
4:55 pm
taken to the center of what she is describing as a long-term care facility. sherry hasn't been to see jahi in her current state but neither is she a doctor, but she has similar faith-based issues. she was described as a little angel as a survivor. >> she is, as far as i'm not concerned, not brain dead. we've seen a lot of miracles come through our center. we've been around for six years and what i've seen with my eyes prove that she can come out of this very strongly. >> sherry believes if huh hi's heart was -- if the girl's heart was repeating and responding to her mother's touch, then sherry believes the girl is alive. they have received patients in the past that have been declared brain dead and ten years later they started talking.
4:56 pm
multiple doctors have deck claired her brain dead and classify whole brain death as irreversible cessation of functions in the brain, including the brain stem. the hospital is not giving details of how she will be transported and new beginnings not giving details out yet. time is the -- is of the essence, the bottom line is on tuesday at 5:00 p.m. >> and who has the right to decide? is it the hospital or the parents? thank you. bone-chilling game with a down to the wire finish in green bay. frozen but hot at the same time. chicken quesadilla soup. she gives me chunky before every game. i'm very souperstitious. haha, that's a good one! haha! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right. i ke prilosec otc each morni for my frzero heartburn.n. becat [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. wohoo! [ male announcer ] prilosec otc is the number one doctor recommended
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play action first on big fox, in the nfc, the green bay packers just took on the san francisco 49ers, bone chilling 5 degrees at kickoff and it got colder as the game went on. the niners won it with a game-ending field goal and take on carolina at home next week. in afc, a one-sided game between
5:00 pm
the bengals at home against the san diego chargers. cinci gave up 20 unanswered points in the second half. san diego wins -- 27-10. tonight on huckabee, she went into the hospital for tonsil surgery and ended up on life support. they say she is brain dead. >> there are nothing that can brin her -- bring her back. >> her family said she is alive and wants life support to continue in another hospital. >> if the children's hospital will take 1% they are paying for their hired guards and their staff and put that money toward helping us, we could have had jahi out of here before christmas. >> fighting for jahi's life left.


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